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What events?
We list entrepreneurship meetups, venture capital meetups, tech meetups, specialist user group meetups, networking events, conferences, seminars, workshops and startup launch events. All events are curated by our editor and must be relevant to the startup community.

When will it appear in the calendar?
The calendar is updated daily. If your event does not appear within 24 hours, there may be a problem with your submission, email

Need to make a correction?
If you need to make a change or correction to a listing, email Include your event location and event name.

submission guidelines

For events on Meetup, Facebook or Eventbrite (Recommended)
Simply sending us the link.
Please check the calendar for existing events to avoid duplicate submissions.

For events on your website
Create an event in our calendar or send us a iCal or CSV (MS Outlook file).
You can create iCal files using this tool.

Creating detailed calendar listings
Help us maintain the quality of the calendar by including information below.

  • Event title: This is what people first see. Make it catchy and descriptive
  • Event description: Include details such as agenda, speakers, cost, registration deadline
  • Event website link: Include this in the description
  • Event location: Include location and address
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